• How do I redeem my Token?

    If you purchased a ‘Gallifreyan Coin’ presale Token, you now have exclusive access to book your ticket. To do this, please enter your unique password here. Your unique password has been emailed to you, along with a walk-through of the redemption process.

    If you’re having trouble finding this email, please search your full inbox for “Doctor Who: Time Fracture – Redeem your Token” as this may have been pushed to your junk folder. If after this you’re still having issues, please contact ArtsTickets.

    ‘Gallifreyan Coin’ presale Token holders have exclusive access to book tickets until 20.08.20 1000 BST. Token holders can still redeem Tokens beyond this point.

  • What is an immersive production?

    One of the fastest growing forms of live entertainment! Audiences become participants in an experience rather than purely spectators at a show. We build detailed worlds that audiences can explore at their leisure. Productions feature multiple spaces, big and small, all with working features and amenities.

    Actors interact with the audience for individual scenes, often improvising with willing audience members. Some audience members may have to solve problems or deliver messages that affect the story. Others may stumble upon a scene that only they will witness. Audiences witness unique, unforgettable moments and personalised experiences.

    You can decide how much you’re involved in the show, be a part of the action or watch the story unfold in front of you. You need only interact as much as you are comfortable – if you prefer to observe from the sidelines, nobody will mind.

  • What should I wear?

    You’re welcome to dress up as your favourite Doctor or Doctor Who character if you wish. Equally, you don’t have to. The decision is entirely yours, and you’ll have the same wonderful experience either way.

  • Will there be any seating?

    As the show is an immersive production, there is no formal seating. You’ll be standing and encouraged to move around the venue as the story unfolds. All tickets are General Allocation with no seat numbers.

    However, if for any reason you are unable to stand for prolonged periods of time, please contact ArtsTickets so that the necessary arrangements can be made for you. We work hard to ensure our performances are as accessible as possible.

  • Can I take photographs during the performance?

    Phones and cameras must be switched off throughout the performance, though there will be dedicated photo opportunities throughout the venue and you will always be able to use your phone for contactless payment at our bars and retail outlets.

  • What is a Preview?

    A Preview is a performance very early on in the life of a production. All major work preparing the production has been completed, however there may still be ongoing work on the set or performance itself. This won’t at all affect your experience, you may just see a slightly different version of the production to the one reviewed and marketed once the production is officially open. To reflect this, pricing for Previews includes a discount on full ticket prices.

  • How much audience participation will there be?

    You can decide how much you’re involved in the show, be a part of the action or watch the story unfold in front of you. You need only interact as much as you are comfortable – if you prefer to observe from the sidelines, nobody will mind.

  • Is there an age restriction?

    8+. This adventure contains monsters, aliens and the kind of peril that every young fan would expect to encounter. Parents and guardians with children are asked to consider this when booking their tickets.

    Anyone aged 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 

    While all shows feature the same content, we have a range of matinee performances that are particularly suitable for families.

  • Where is the venue?

    Doctor Who: Time Fracture will be opening at Immersive | LDN. Our address is UNIT HQ, 19 South Molton Lane, London, W1K 5LE. The closest underground station is Bond Street.

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  • Will you have a gift shop?

    We will indeed! This will be available inside the venue and will feature a range of Official Doctor Who and Doctor Who: Time Fracture merchandise.

  • How long is the production?

    Including an interval, the production will be 2 hours in length.

  • Are there any special effects that I should be aware of?

    The production will feature strobe lighting and haze effects. Please check back for further updates, as we’re still putting the finishing touches to our designs.

  • What are the performance times?

    Tuesday, Thursday and Friday performances take place at 6:30pm, 7:15pm and 8:00pm. Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday performances take place at 12:30pm, 1:15pm, 2:00pm, 6:30pm, 7:15pm, 8:00pm.

  • How much can you tell us about the storyline?

    We wouldn’t like to spoil any of the surprises we have in store, that said we will tease narrative, worlds and monsters now and again across our social channels.

    Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

  • How many spaces will there be to experience?

    In total, there’ll be 12!

  • How long are you planning to be running?

    We’re initially booking through to 30.05.21, with dates beyond this to be announced.

  • When will I receive my exclusive Gallifreyan Coin Pin Badge?

    If you purchased a ‘Gallifreyan Coin’ presale Token, you’ll receive your Pin Badge on arrival at the venue for your booked performance.

  • Where can I use my £10 credit?

    ‘Gallifreyan Coin’ presale Token holders receive a £10 credit to be used throughout the venue.

    If you would rather not benefit from this you can request the difference in price between your ticket and you ‘Gallifreyan Coin’ presale Token is refunded. This difference will in all cases be less than £10. Please note that refunds are minus the original booking fee as this is non-refundable. To make your request, please contact ArtsTickets.

  • Is the venue covid-19 secure?

    Yes, Immersive | LDN is a covid-19 secure venue. You can find the latest information here.

  • What happens if I show symptoms of covid-19?

    Based on current guidelines our host venue Immersive | LDN have implemented a NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED EXCHANGE POLICY. Any ticket purchased for an event at Immersive | LDN will be exchangeable for an equivalent ticket on an alternative date up until the commencement time of the booked performance. This will be arranged in person, or via email. This NO-QUESTIONS-ASKED EXCHANGE POLICY is under constant review and Immersive | LDN reserves the right to cancel or amend this policy with immediate effect and at any time. This policy applies to tickets booked at artstickets.co.uk and immersiveldn.com. We cannot guarantee that third party ticket agents will follow the same policy although they will be encouraged to do so. This policy will be reviewed and amended as Government guidelines develop.

  • What is the cleaning policy at the venue?

    The venue will be professionally cleaned on a daily basis in accordance with the latest guidelines, with all venue touch points regularly cleaned throughout and in between performances.

  • How will social distancing be managed?

    Capacity has been reduced in line with the latest guidelines and to allow social distancing. Audience members will be expected to stay within their booking bubble, and in relevant areas the floor will be marked to help guide the audience.

  • Will the actors adhere to social distancing?

    All actors will be fully briefed based on the latest guidelines to ensure social distancing between themselves and the audience at all times.

  • Will you take my temperature on arrival?

    Based on the latest guidelines, we will take temperature readings from all patrons on arrival at the venue.

  • Do I have to wear a mask?

    Based on the latest guidelines, we are asking all ticket holders to wear masks unless there are medical reasons for them not to. In this instance please make this known to our staff on arrival. You will not be asked to divulge personal information about the conditions of exemption.

  • Will masks be available at the venue?

    Masks will be available to purchase at the venue.

  • Will there be hand sanitiser stations at the venue?

    We will have hand sanitiser available throughout the venue.

  • Do I need to print my ticket?

    Printed tickets aren’t required, your name(s) will be at the door on arrival.

  • Is there a cloakroom?

    There will be a cloakroom available on site for coats and small items. Unfortunately, the room is not bigger on the inside so please leave larger items at home. There will be a small fee to use the cloakroom and this is payable by card or contactless device only.

  • Will I be able to buy drinks and food at the venue?

    There will be designated areas within the venue for food and drink to be bought and consumed.

  • Will I have to leave at the very end or can I stay for a drink?

    You will be able to stay and have a drink at the end of the show. Based on current the latest guidelines, this time may be limited to 30 minutes.

  • Does the bar take cash or card?

    The venue will be entirely cash-free. The cloakroom, merchandise kiosks and the bar are all card or contactless device only.

  • How many tickets can I purchase in one transaction?

    As many as are available, though we anticipate we will need to restrict this in times of high demand. Based on the latest guidelines, tickets should be purchased only for you and your social bubble.

  • Do I need to bring proof of age for anyone aged 16 or under?

    You do indeed! Any one that is 16 or under must bring either a Passport or Birth Certificate to the venue as proof of age. Anyone aged 16 or under must also be accompanied by an adult.

  • What are the terms and conditions for my ticket?

    If you’ve purchased your tickets via a ticketing agent, you will need to contact your point of sale directly for any after-sales queries, including exchanges or refunds. Contact details for the company can usually be found on the confirmation email for your order.

    For tickets purchased directly with ArtsTickets through the Immersive Doctor Who website, you can find full Terms and Conditions here.

    If you have any additional queries, please contact ArtsTickets.

  • Are there group discounts available?

    Not at present, but please check back for updates.

  • Are there any packages available?

    Not at present, but please check back for updates.

  • Is the venue accessible in a wheelchair?

    It is indeed! We’re working to make the venue as accessible as possible for wheelchair users, however due to the nature of the building the number of tickets available for wheelchair users at each performance is limited. Please contact ArtsTickets to confirm availability before booking.

  • Are there Audio Described and BSL Interpreted performances?

    There will be! We’re currently finalising our plans, and we’ll release dates in the very near future.

  • I need to book an Essential Companion ticket when redeeming my token, what should I do?

    Please redeem your ‘Gallifreyan Coin’ presale Token as instructed, then contact ArtsTickets quoting your booking reference number to arrange your Essential Companion ticket.

  • I need to contact ArtsTickets, but I'd prefer to speak over the phone. Is this possible?

    It is indeed, ArtsTickets are available on 0203 053 1500.

  • I have specific requirements, can you assist?

    If you have queries that have not been answered by the information on this page, please contact ArtsTickets for further assistance.

  • I’ve bought my Ticket, what next?

    Great! That’s it for now, you’re in! Keep an eye on our social media for news and monster updates.

    Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

For any ticketing enquiries, please contact ArtsTickets.