Opening Spring 2021

Doctor Who: Time Fracture, a ground-breaking Immersive Theatrical Adventure, plunges you into the incredible Universe of Doctor Who.

1940 – at the height of the Blitz. A weapon of unknown origin destroys a small corner of Mayfair, and simultaneously opens a rift in space and time. For decades, UNIT have fought undetected to protect the people of Earth from the dangers it poses. Weakened and beaten back as the fracture’s multiplied out of control, they’re close to defeat.

From producers Immersive Everywhere – the creative minds behind London’s longest running and critically acclaimed immersive theatre production, The Great Gatsby – and officially licensed by BBC Studios, Doctor Who: Time Fracture will welcome its first UNIT recruits to HQ in Spring 2021.

Earth as we know it is at stake – now is the time for you to step up and be the hero. We’ll travel to impossible places, confronting menacing monsters and ancient aliens along the way. It’s a journey across space and time to save our race, and our beautiful planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the fastest growing forms of live entertainment! Audiences become participants in an experience rather than purely spectators at a show. We build detailed worlds that audiences can explore at their leisure. Productions feature multiple spaces, big and small, all with working features and amenities.

Actors interact with the audience for individual scenes, often improvising with willing audience members. Some audience members may have to solve problems or deliver messages that affect the story. Others may stumble upon a scene that only they will witness. Audiences witness unique, unforgettable moments and personalised experiences.

You can decide how much you’re involved in the show, be a part of the action or watch the story unfold in front of you. You need only interact as much as you are comfortable – if you prefer to observe from the sidelines, nobody will mind.

Yes, Immersive | LDN is a covid-19 secure venue. You can find the latest information here.

Tickets are priced £47- £57 plus booking fee.

Doctor Who: Time Fracture will be opening at Immersive | LDN. Our address is UNIT HQ, 19 South Molton Lane, London, W1K 5LE. The closest underground station is Bond Street.

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8+. This adventure contains monsters, aliens and the kind of peril that every young fan would expect to encounter. Parents and guardians with children are asked to consider this when booking their tickets.

Anyone aged 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult. 

While all shows feature the same content, we have a range of matinee performances that are particularly suitable for families.

Our full range of FAQs and contact details can be found here.

Available Dates

(1) Anyone aged 16 or under must be accompanied by an adult. (2) If you require an essential companion, please consult our FAQs before booking.

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